What’s in a box they say? Well over the last couple of months, customers may have noticed some Brown and Black KING OFFROAD boxes showing up in their shops. 2018 was a milestone year for King Wheels Australia as we innovated and redesigned the 4×4 lineup within the range. 2012-2016 we saw a changing of the guard. From an alloy wheel market that was predominately geared towards passenger vehicles, to an increased presence and enquiry towards the 4 Wheel Drive industry. Whilst 4 Wheel Driving in Australia had always been very popular, the uptake in new car sales of dual cab Utes and 4 Wheel Drives saw a huge market shift from passenger after-market alloy wheels to 4×4 alloy wheels.
As this shift was happening it was evident to us that we had to change with it. The sales team got together at our base in Glendenning NSW, and over the course of a few days came up with the concept of developing a new sector to the business named KING OFFROAD Wheels. After designing the perfect logo for the brand, we ordered the first products to the new range AMBUSH, BLADE, CHAOS & RECKLESS. These wheels had an immediate impact within the industry, and gave us the inspiration to continue to improve and develop the brand to this day.

We are constantly updating our cap designs to improve the overall look and feel of the wheels. Each season we are trialing new finishes, new bolts, new lip configurations and this year we’ve given the brand a fresh box make over.
The box features prominently our KING OFFROAD wheel logo, the King Wheels website, an ‘Upside down Miss Jane’ print on the bottom just in case you don’t know which way is up lol. A 100% Australian Owned and Operated logo is printed in RED and once you crack open the box, there is one last word of warning informing wheel installers that there is ‘No returns on fitted wheels. All wheels MUST be checked for correct fitment on vehicle, prior to mounting Tyres’.
We think that this change along with our R&D department consistently working on the next hot products in wheel fashion, will keep us on track as we develop KING OFFROAD into the premium wheel brand that it is today.