Whilst CBL rings or as they’re more commonly known ‘Hub Rings’ have been around for many years on after-market alloy wheels, they have only in the last couple of years been available for steel wheel products. With some reengineering to the back of the centre bore on our steel wheels, we have modified our products to be CBL compatible.
The main purpose for these CBL’s as the name suggests ‘CENTRE BORE LOCATING RINGS’, is to take the weight off the studs while the lug nuts are torqued down to the correct spec, improving the installation technique which will help prevent taper elongation and irregular vibrations. Once the lug nuts are torqued down, the hub or spigot ring has done its job and will no longer be taking the weight of the wheel and tyre combination. Its main purpose is to assist the wheel installer in aligning the tapers correctly before torquing down the nuts.

A portion of our steel wheels are already hub centric and mount snuggly around the hub and a lot now have the optional CBL ring to improve how the wheel is mounted. Traditionally steel wheels are heavier and generally have bulky off-road tyres wrapped around them making it easier to install them incorrectly. Some steel wheels don’t have the option of a CBL ring because of RV Domes or ‘Sleeves’ that fit in from behind the wheel, making it impossible to fit a hub ring.
As we keep improving and redesigning our steel wheel products, we are also improving our wheel caps. Recently we designed a black molded screw on one piece cap for our steel wheels displaying the King Wheels emblem and is now available in a Nut & Cap Kit package. Check out our latest Volume 14 brochure for more details…